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15 Phenomenal Wedding Bouquets with Ferns

Aug 04, 2018

An ideal greenery for your wedding!

If you are a nature lover bride and want to incorporate your love towards greenery into your wedding, then carrying a wedding bouquet with ferns is the ideal option for you. This vascular plant is not just a foliage but also hold strong significance of truthfulness. If you are not into symbolism they still can be used to accentuate the other flowers like rose, peonies- whatever flower you choose for your wedding bouquet. Your bouquet should also complement your entire wedding décor. Using ferns can add a very classic charm to your bouquet and your overall décor. They will go easy on your wedding budget as well. We have collected some inspirations that will help you add ferns into wedding bouquet.

Get inspired! And walk the aisle by carrying fern bouquet to bring the natural feels to your venue.