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5 Ways To Add Trees In Your Wedding Décor

Jul 29, 2018
5 Ways To Add Trees In Your Wedding Décor

Greenery has always been a part of our wedding décor but when it comes to trees nobody has ever thought about adding them as a part of indoor wedding décor until or unless you are having an outdoor celebration. Many few brides are going for unusual décor options for their big day and among those unconventional décor elements, trees are trending. Using trees for your wedding décor will create a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere for your wedding guests. To bring warm vibes to your indoor wedding venue, we recommend you to add trees to your venue. You can use branches of trees for your wedding table centerpieces, at the entrance, hang them from the ceiling to elevate your complete décor. There are so many ideas to add trees in your outdoor wedding décor; you can wrap fairy lights around the tree to create a spectacular view for your wedding guest. Here are some of the ways to add trees to your wedding décor.

1. Wedding table centerpieces


You might have never thought about having a tree as your table centerpieces before or you might find it odd. If you want to give your wedding a very natural plus luxe look, believe us, trees can help you with that. Beautifully cut branches as centerpieces will be a breathtaking view for your guests.

2. Wedding backdrop


Without any doubt, weddings are expensive. It is always a good idea to stick to your wedding budget. If you are facing challenges related to your wedding budget, ditch the floral component of your décor instead make use of trees as your perfect backdrop. By doing so, you can save your few bucks.

3. Outdoor vibes for your indoor venue


You can totally convert your indoor celebration into an outdoor affair by simply putting trees around your entire venue. Your guest will love the whimsical display of forest feels. For that matter, you can use faux trees which is comparatively less expensive.

4. Hiding the faults


You can hide the ugly aspects of your wedding venue by using trees. Let’s say your venue has too many pillars, you can place trees in front of them for bringing the garden effect to the venue. You can also use them to define the space around the dining area to make it feel more intimate.

5. Branches as hangings


Wedding hangings always play an important role in enhancing your décor. If you are following a garden style simple theme, then go for branches as your wedding hangings. You can hang them with the lighting arrangements to create a stunning environment for your wedding guests.

These ideas will help you with your natural style wedding dream. Add trees to astonish your wedding guests.


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