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5 Wedding Photographers To Look Out For In Pakistan

May 10, 2018
5 Wedding Photographers To Look Out For In Pakistan

In just a matter of few years, we have seen the graph of wedding photographers reach the sky. From the time when there were a limited number of photographers that you could reach out to, you now have so many choices to go with. We nowadays follow them religiously and keep a look out for their work and the latest concepts that they use. Photography is an art and the category of wedding photography is filled with amazing creative concepts that increase the competition in the market. Wedding photographers in Pakistan are doing an amazing job in capturing the most important day of the couple’s lives that they can go back to relive as an actual movie. Here is a list of photographers that you need to keep in mind when booking for the wedding:

The Videographers

The Videographers arrived in the wedding industry in 2009 and within a short very period managed to cover the weddings of high profile personalities. They specialize in wedding films and you will actually feel like your life is a movie you have always imagined to be. Their creativity has set standards and helped them rise to the top priority list of couples-to-be.

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Maha’s Photography

Maha Noor’s portfolio is full of some very attractive photography that makes you want to hire her instantly. She recently covered Ayesha Khan’s wedding, the photos of which were used all over social media. Go through her captures and you will know what we are talking about!

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Sohayb Pasha Photography

A beautiful studio to name, Sohayb Pasha manages to catch that spark between the newlyweds which makes him popular among a lot of people. His outdoor shoots are exemplary and you will enjoy every moment covered by the talented young man.

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Lighthouse Photography by Ali Khurshid

An absolute treat to watch! Mr. Khurshid’ captures the most amazing and candid moments that everyone craves for. The cinematic affect makes it look like a fairytale world and the portraits are truly one of a kind. His work makes him stand out from the rest of the photographers and you should definitely include him in the list for the perfect wedding photography you want.

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The Wedding Stories

A project of Bee Works and handled by Bilal Tariq, The Wedding Stories give you a fairytale capture of your wedding with some amazing light work. True to its title, every picture shows clear emotions and conveys a beautiful story. It’s different from the usual wedding photography which is what makes it even more worth it.

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These are just five out of so many photographers that are doing some amazing work in Pakistan. With so many of them in the market, it is now easy to go with someone who is under your budget and does amazing work. We only hope that this part of the industry keeps flourishing and more young people continue to show up and capture the most important day of your life.


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