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6 Colors We're Absolutely Loving In Wedding Décor Right Now!

Jul 26, 2018
6 Colors We're Absolutely Loving In Wedding Décor Right Now!
Choosing a perfect color for your wedding décor is one of the hectic things that brides have to deal with during the wedding planning phase. Since your wedding color will define your overall wedding style and theme, it is important to spend some time deciding the right color. While selecting a particular color, you need to keep few things in your mind. First, consider the season, as deep hues are ideal for winter festivities and bright colours are the perfect choice for spring. To use dark hues in your summer wedding, go for a softer colour tone to balance the shade. The venue is another factor to consider; whether you are having a tented or hall wedding, you have to examine the space to choose your wedding colour. It can become impossible to pick one colour as there are so many trendy colours ruling the wedding décor this season. But we have saved you from this stress as we are going to share six of our favourite wedding colours for your décor.

1. Dusty Blue

wedding color (4).jpg

Perfect for your wedding reception, this colour is getting popular because of its elegant charm. It also brings some very soothing vibes to your wedding venue. You can use this colour alone as well as with combos in a rather whimsical way. We are in totally love with dusty blue drapes and backdrop.

2. Deep Red

wedding color (10).jpg

We will never get tired of this color because of its versatile nature as it can be used with so many different shades. This flamboyant color, when used with lighter shades, can create harmonious appeal to your wedding venue. You can use this color in so many wedding décor elements; deep red roses for your wedding bouquet are the ideal choice to follow this color.

3. Champagne

wedding color (3).jpg

This hot colour for your wedding décor can take your celebrations to the next level. It can completely enhance the visual beauty of your venue. Using champagne colour can make a venue feel more spacious.

4. Purple Lilac

wedding color (5).jpg

Purple lilac is considered the color of the year for wedding décor. This beautiful colour works so well with bold vibrant colours and we love the mild glamour element that this colour adds to the décor. There are endless options when it comes to purple coloured decor, so use your creativity to have a magnificent occasion.

5. Pastel Peach

wedding color (1).jpg

This tranquil colour is the perfect choice for your low key weddings because it creates a very intimate atmosphere for the wedding guests. If you are looking for something unique for your wedding, use this color in your décor for your splendid celebration.

6. Pink

wedding color (6).jpg (1)

A colour that stands for feminism and romance is perfect for your wedding ceremonies. Pink can be used impressively in any season. This soft tone can be perfect for your Mehndi ceremonies.

Choose the colour that fits your wedding style and don’t forget to consider the season and venue while picking your favourite wedding colour.


Nadia Hussain  ·  Fashion Designer
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