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Backpack List for Groom: Anatomy of His Honeymoon Suitcase

Jun 17, 2018

Pack your honeymoon suitcase like a pro!

After tying the knot, the most exciting phase in a groom’s life is to go on a romantic trip with the love of his life. With all the preparation of the big day and Walima, your groom may skip or forget about the important things that he must carry on his honeymoon. Women have the innate quality of packing a suitcase without fretting about it or leaving behind important items, but men have seriously need to work hard on it! Especially, when you are planning for honeymoon months before getting married and you are the only one who has to do all the packing of your stuff. Your bride will not be there at this stage to save your life! So guys, when you have picked the honeymoon dates, it’s time to make your suitcase ready for the much-awaiting journey of your life. What you need is to keep this list with you while packing, so that you don’t miss out any important item. So, here goes the anatomy of your honeymoon suitcase!

Make a list of these items and mark done against each of these in order to make sure you don’t miss out any item. Did we miss any item? Share with us in comments below.