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Bridal Jewelry We Can Borrow From Around The World

Jul 30, 2018
Bridal Jewelry We Can Borrow From Around The World

The world is a colorful place, with rare gems emerging from every corner. have covered several jewelry items from around the world that don’t have only vibrant and beautiful designs but also portray the culture of that part of the world. Be it African, Australian, Moroccan or Pakistani, every country has a wide variety of designs that represent their tradition and culture. So what if you had to choose one piece of jewelry from every culture and add it to your collection? Which one would you choose? took up the challenge and these are the items that we have selected:

African Bead Necklace

If there is one thing that is a must-have from the African culture, it’s their bead necklace. The vibrant colours, the symmetrical designs and the craftsmanship are the major reasons for opting for this piece of jewelry. It very accurately represents the African tradition and culture and is a must-have from jewelry around the world.

Moroccan Berber Headpiece

The colours, the tassels, the stones hanging with all their funkiness, Moroccan berber headpiece is our choice. It shows tradition, history and some astonishing metal work of the people belonging to that area.

Maori Handcrafted Rings

Craftsmanship speaks volumes about a place and its culture. Handcrafted Maori rings depict the beautiful culture of New Zealand with their inscriptions and cuts on the ring. It’s a definite addition to the collection.

Turkish Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Evil eye beads have a special significance in Turkish culture and you will find all sorts of pieces of it. We would go for this bracelet from Turkey because you can add as many evil eye beads and designs you want and you can also wear it every day.

Indian Waist Belt

Waist belts are a big part of indian tradition and they look gorgeous when worn with sarris and lehengas. This piece would be our top choice from the Indian culture.

Pakistani Nose Rings

While nose rings emerge from the Mughal empire, they play a big part in Paksitani culture, especially weddings. No bride is seen without a nose ring on her big day so this one goes to be our piece from Pakistan.

Cultures are an interesting part of the world. They differentiate people from each other while providing a very intriguing input from every part. Jewelry too plays an important role in people’s lives and every culture has come up with designs and pieces that represent their culture and puts a face in front of the world. These were our choices from around the world, what more would you add in them? Let us know in the comments below!


Nadia Hussain  ·  Fashion Designer
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