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Can Mother Of The Bride Color Coordinate Her Outfit With The Bride

Jul 28, 2018

Know what is best for you!

When finalizing her outfit, mother of the bride takes into consideration a whole lot of things. While there is so much talk about the type of attire, many often ignore the color. According to the ‘dress etiquettes,’ the dress color should not be black. Some say to avoid matching the color with bridesmaids. On the other hand, a majority is of the view that a distinctive color is what you need in order to stand out. The same point has been previously discussed, therefore, we will not go into the details here. Now, to answer the question, whether you should color coordinate your outfit with that of your daughter, the answer is definitely yes. However, you should prefer warm, neutral, or muted tones. For example, if your daughter has chosen purple, then you can go for muted tones of silver, charcoal, plum, eggplant, plum. For coral tones, petal, tickled, Bellini, raspberry, apple, quartz, guava, and sangria. To give you some idea, we shall show you some of the ideal color coordination suggestions, some of which might work for you!

It is definitely good to color coordinate your outfit with that of your daughter. Remember the color ideas that are mentioned above. You may pick the exact ones or make your own!