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Embellished Bouquet Is What Every Bride Was Missing…Until Now!

Aug 18, 2018

Adding charm to your wedding!

Our desi brides can beat any trend for sure but whenever it comes to wedding bouquets, our embellished bouquets have no match. What makes them stand out is the way they are being bejeweled. Motifs, beads, sequences, brooch, we love how they beautifully add more sparkle in the celebration. The color and the spark, everything reminds us of a love that binds the couple together. While flowers have always been in demand for wedding d├ęcor and bouquets, they can pose a serious threat to your overall wedding budget. By going for embellished bouquets, you can also save your budget by buying an inexpensive floral bouquet. Decorate it with a variety of embellishments to give it a very luxe look. Here we have collected some beautiful inspirations for your embellished bouquet. Have a look!

No matter what the color scheme you are following for your wedding bouquet, you can still find so many ideas to decorate your wedding bouquet. Follow these inspirations to create your spark.