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Every Monochromatic Outfit That Has Our Heart

Jun 23, 2018

One color for your beautiful dress!

Via Noorulein Ali Here in Pakistan, weddings are usually splattered with different arrays of colors. Many families specifically pick a color for their themed wedding. The wedding outfits, on the other hand, often consist of a combination of colors. Not just the bride, but the relatives and even friends choose multiple hues for their outfit. Along with that, you also see monochromatic dresses that actually look quite marvelous. A monochromatic apparel either contains a single color or the combination of the same color. You might as well see embellishment or embroidery that will be of different colors. However, it will not overshadow the single color, be it grey, red, magenta, or white. Although this type of attire never became a trend, it sure captured many hearts. Yes, the selection of a dress does differ from person to person. Also, there is no specific rule for all to pick a specific color, design or style for a wedding. However, monochromatic apparels, when worn, bring vibrant energies into the surroundings. You do nothing but wonder, how lovely and magnificent!

In case, it is your own wedding or someone else’s, you may go with ‘single color’ idea. Who knows this experiment turns out to be extremely well for you!