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Follow This Amazing Curly Girl Method To Get Back Those Natural Curls

Jul 27, 2018
Follow This Amazing Curly Girl Method To Get Back Those Natural Curls

You know when you have something, but you take it for granted and then a time comes when it is so ruined that you regret not taking care of it…This is how most girls treat their curly hair. But worry not, for we have found that chance of redemption for you.. The Curly Girl Method!!! It’s a lifesaver for girls who want theri natural curls back! Yes, you can thank us later. For now, follow this step by step method:

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL products must be silicone or sulfate-free!

​1. Shampoo before beginning the method

Use a sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse any silicones present in your hair. This will also remove dirt and oil as well as chemicals present in your hair. Consider this the start of your good hair days!

2. Get rid of your old shampoo

The shampoo that you probably use has a lot of harsh sulfates which dry out your hair and cause the frizz in your hair. Go through the ingredients and if it has sulfate present in it, throw out the bottle and never let it see the face of your bathroom again!

3. Shop for silicone-free products

You will definitely want to have a conditioner, a hair moisturizer, gels and serums. Again, go through their ingredients before buying and make sure that they are sulfate-free.

4. Trim your hair

Another important step, because trimming your hair will get rid of the split ends and any sort of damage that your hair is currently meddled in. You can either visit a salon or do it yourself!

Starting The Curly Hair Method Routine

1. The conditioner wash

Start the routine by applying conditioner while in the shower. Distribute it evenly with your finger tips and be gentle. This will rinse away any dirt or dandruff still present in your hair. You can wash your hair with the conditioner twice, thrice or even every day of the week, depending on how dry your scalp is.

2. Gently Untangle your hair

When you have evenly distributed the conditioner in your hair, start untangling your hair very gently. Part your hair to the side and use a comb or your fingers and start untangling from the bottom. Leave the conditioner on for almost five minutes. Do not untangle your hair when they are dry. It causes the frizz in your curls, ultimately damaging them.

3. Rinse with cold water

Using cold water helps in locking the moisture of your hair and also adds shine to it. Do not rinse away the entire conditioner. Leave some amount in especially where the scalp is drier. Also, do not use the comb anywhere at this point of after.

4. Apply hair products

Apply your hair products while your hair is still wet. The most common and helpful method for this is to start with the conditioner to lessen the frizz and then apply mousse or gel. Next, take the curls in your palms and scrunch them in the upward motion.

5. Use a towel, paper towel or t-shirt for scrunching

A normal everyday towel will leave your hair very frizzy, so you need to avoid using that. Use the above mentioned towels to scrunch and remove the excess moisture from your hair.

6. Cover them with a t-shirt to decrease drying time

Cover your hair with a micro-fiber towel or a t-shirt and remove them after almost half an hour. This decreases the drying time and lessens the frizz.

7. Use a diffuser to dry your hair

If you have to go somewhere and need to dry your hair quick, use a diffuser so you can avoid getting the frizz. A bowl diffuser will help create volume in your hair and it will only fit on the hair dryer it is included with. Put some of your hair on the bowl and press on the upward position to your head. Do not set the dryer to hot. If you are using a sock diffuser, aim it on your curls while you scrunch then with your hands.

Curls are an amazing asset of your body and must be respected. Nobody is born perfect and all of us should own our parts proudly. Curls might be difficult to take care of but this method has sure made things easier. Follow this and let us know how it changed your life!


Nadia Hussain  ·  Fashion Designer
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