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How To Incorporate Potted Plants Into Your Wedding?

Aug 17, 2018
How To Incorporate Potted Plants Into Your Wedding?

Whenever it comes to wedding décor, florals always take the center stage. Nevertheless, there are many brides who are trying unconventional décor elements for their big day. If you are one of those brides, who are looking for some unusual ideas for their wedding décor, then potted plants are for you. We are absolutely loving the idea of this unique trend for wedding décor. There are so many different ways you can have a potted plant in your venue as part of your décor. DIY ideas related to potted plants are beating every other décor element. They are perfect for bringing out the natural and green vibe to your décor. Here we are going to share some tips to incorporate this boho décor element for your wedding.

1. Wedding table centerpiece

Wedding centerpieces are the most important part of the table décor. Go for different small sized potted plants as your wedding centerpiece. You can totally create a wow factor for your wedding guests. Candles can also be used with this rustic centerpiece to brighten up your atmosphere. Mini potted succulent plants are our most favorite because of different varieties.

2. Hanging potted plants

You can also suspend potted plants from the ceiling to create a stunning view for your wedding guests. Play around with your lighting installations. Pin spotlights are perfect for directing your guest’s attention towards the hanging potted plant. Be creative and use lighting with hanging potted plants to enhance your décor elements.

3. Wedding backdrop

Weddings are always expensive as you have to take care of everything from scratch for having a lively evening. Organizing a fun-filled evening is really not an easy task. It is always a good idea to cut back your wedding budget whenever possible. Wedding backdrop is an important décor element from photography’s point of view as well. By having potted plants as your wedding backdrop can add a very fine touch of greenery to your wedding album.

4. Wedding entrance

If you are having a tented wedding, it is not a good idea to miss your entrance décor. You can place potted plants along the aisle which will define your venue space very well.

5. Wedding favors

What will be more beautiful than giving a mini potted plant as a wedding favor? Your wedding favor will keep reminding your wedding guests about your beautiful union. There are so many DIY ideas that you can use for decorating the pots of beautiful plants to give them as a wedding favor. Use your imagination and turn your normal potted plant into a surprise for your wedding guests.

Follow these amazing tips to incorporate this sublime décor item into your celebrations.


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