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How To Win A Girl's Heart With Jewelry

Jul 21, 2018
How To Win A Girl's Heart With Jewelry

Can you think of any reason about jewelry not being the perfect gift you give to the ladies in your life? You definitely cannot because it IS the best gift you could gift a girl to win over her heart! Period. Jewelry is something very up-close and personal. It is worn every day and most of the pieces survive for years to come. So if a guy is actually looking to win over a girl’s heart, jewelry is the best gift he can present to her. Jewelry is not just something you enjoy wearing, but also an investment with only a single purchase. With time, its value increases but most of all, the person attaches a memory with it. The right jewelry piece can mean a lot especially if the purpose is to win someone over or show your love to them.

Stephanie Kantis Necklace, $145

A statement piece made from pyrite and mother of pearl. A very unique piece of jewelry with a guaranteed emotional attachment.

Pandora Ring, $75

When you find no words to express your love, this ring with hidden hearts does the job!

Alexis Bittar Bangles, $195

The sleek bangles with the most beautiful color combination. They are handcrafted with love, thus the perfect pieces to gift your girl.

Ani and Alex Necklace, $78

The most accurate piece of jewelry for your partner who loves travelling. This sand dollar pendant can become a very emotionally attached piece for years.

Eddie Borgo Bracelet, $206

If she is a fan of history, architecture and art, this sculptural piece is your best bracelet option. It gives out an urban feel to it with sophistication oozing out of it.

Tiffany and Co. Pearl Earrings, $225

Pearls are the most romantic gift you can give to a woman. The entire process of their origin is romantic itself.

Coach Page Watch, $275

Water-resistant, traditional and a bracelet band, this watch has a touch of modernity to it. The ultimate gift for your girl!

Any gift becomes special when given by a special someone. It does not necessarily have to be diamonds or gold, but anything that has a memory associated with it. Choose what best reminds you of something you love and want for the rest of your life.


Nadia Hussain  ·  Fashion Designer
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