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Our Favorite Fitness Apps Every Bride-To-Be Should Get Her Hands On!

Sep 15, 2018
Our Favorite Fitness Apps Every Bride-To-Be Should Get Her Hands On!

Working out is not as difficult for some brides-to-be, because they find enough motivation to get up and ‘get going’. However, for others, losing weight can become a challenge. But, every challenge has a solution, and thanks to modern tech, everything has become relatively convenient. There are apps for productivity, entertainment, lifestyle, health, and fitness. Of course, the fitness enthusiasts might be interested in the latter category. Just think about how much can you do from the comfort of your home.

We shall now discuss some of the top fitness apps, some of which might work for you, just the way you need!


This one is a calorie counter. How much have you taken and how much do you need, this app will tell you. You have the option to add your food with the help of a barcode scanner. It contains a huge variety of cuisines along with options like food insights and restaurant logging. It also has the option of 350 exercises, and you can create your own plan as well. Sounds quite convenient, right?

Yoga Studio

Balance, flexibility, and muscle strength are among the various health benefits of yoga. Need we mention that it is also recommended for back pain. A regular 1-hour yoga will enable you to lose weight. With ‘Yoga Studio’ you will be able to keep track, and much more. In this app, you can select your classes, preference, and get going! You can also get help from the 75+ classes that are available in HD Video. What’s better than that!


Aaptiv is a top fitness app, which is easy to use with multiple options. Aspired to lose weight? You get classes for that. Love yoga? Look no more, this app will work just fine for you. For runners, Aaptiv is no less than a treat. Most importantly, it also comes with mediation sessions, ones that are essential for mindfulness. There is also a very high beats playlist that you’ll enjoy the most. So, as a bride-to-be, you better install this app!


For runners, there’s no app more suitable than this one. It comes with extensive (but easy) training plans that are easily adjustable within your day. MapMyRun will benefit you a lot, every week and or even month. It will give you choices of routes that you can pick (even start trekking on the mountain trails). In case, you like to work out in free time, there is also an option for that.


Some of us might not have enough time but surely have the ‘will’ to lose weight. Seconds is just the perfect option for these women because, with this app, you will only do what’s necessary, save your time, and leave the rest. What’s more ideal is the fact that it gives you choices for both CrossFit workouts and circuit training. So, choose your kind of workout, be it a single one or combination of two, and get to work!

Quite challenging it is to shed some pounds, balance your calories, and remain fit. But it is also very doable, especially if you have set your priorities straight. Furthermore, once you use any of these apps, (based on your priorities) you might be able to achieve more than you would anticipate!


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