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Round Tables Vs Square Tables For Your Wedding?

Aug 02, 2018
Round Tables Vs Square Tables For Your Wedding?

ou might have never thought about it before but along with your wedding venue, your wedding tables are equally important in setting up an atmosphere for your festive occasion. Wedding venues usually have their own tables and chairs of different sizes and designs. Mainly, your selection should be based on your personal preference. If you are confused between the round wedding tables or square wedding table, don’t worry. We are going to share some very important tips that can help you decide your wedding table style. Whether you are going for round tables or square tables these tips will assist you to select your preference and even how to go about your tablescape.

1. Look out for your space

Before going for a particular shape for your tables, you need to think about the size of your wedding venue. Round tables are usually preferred for the small space to give your wedding venue a very intimate look. A long banquet table is a good option if you are having a low key luxury wedding. Square tables are an excellent choice for outdoor weddings where you need to define the venue space and your wedding décor.

2. Décor for wedding tables

If you are choosing a long banquet table, centerpieces of different sizes like taper candles can do the magic in adding a romantic touch to the entire look. For your round table, you can put a bunch of centerpieces at the center of the tabletop to create a stunning view for your guests. Square tables need very balanced décor items. You definitely don’t want to overdo them. One of the excellent ways to play around with the square table décor is to use floor length tablecloth.

3. Table décor color scheme

Round tables will give you more room to experiment. If you are using dark shades for your wedding décor, go for a lighter hue for balancing the color scheme. We are in love with a metallic color palette for round tables. Whatever color you are using for square tables, make sure it defines the space well and you don’t overcrowd your table setting with so many colors.

Choose the one that suits well with your overall wedding style and don’t forget to follow these tips while choosing your wedding table style.


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