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Ten Tips to Choose Cruise for a Romantic Getaway!

Jul 06, 2018
Ten Tips to Choose Cruise for a Romantic Getaway!

Your honeymoon is probably the best and most romantic trip of your life as a couple which marks the beautiful beginning of married life. Planning for your honeymoon is the best part of your post-wedding excitement. Let’s accept one fact, planning your honeymoon can become a bit stressful or can seem like a daunting task. However, your honeymoon deserves to be a perfect romantic trip and what could be more romantic than few days spent on a cruise with the love of your life?

So when you plan to choose a honeymoon cruise for your memorable honeymoon, keep in mind the following tips:

1. Choose the Right Destination:

Pick an exotic cruise destination that will suit you and your husband, such as Hawaii, Bahamas, or Asia.

2. Romance Package is a Good Idea:

Don’t Forget to Add a Romance Package i.e. a room filled with rose petals, a romantic dinner or a box filled with chocolates.

3. Choose to Stay for Longer:

Make your trip longer for added romance and beautiful memories! You can definitely choose to go on a honeymoon after the wedding and can spend more than a week together on a cruise.

4. Plan the Right Itinerary:

Take time to plan your cruise itinerary and plan activities; decide to pick the cruise best suited to your needs as a couple.

5. Add Some Fun and Romance:

Look and register for fun with romance while booking your honeymoon cruise- gourmet dining or luxurious rooms.

6. Seek A Cozy Corner in Your Cruise:

Look for a cozy corner of your cruise to be included in your package.

7. This Can Be the Right Time for a Mini-moon:

Consider going on a quick mini-moon if a long honeymoon does not seem possible right now. A small trip to a romantic cruise can pay off!

8. Don’t Miss Out a Breathtaking View:

Choose the stateroom which will let you have a view of blue waters of the ocean, watching sunset or sunrise.

9. Register Your Honeymoon:

Consider a honeymoon registry, it allows newlyweds to customize gifts and packages such as spa gift cards or photo packages.

10. Don’t Forget Considering Your Budget!

Last but not the least, make sure your trip suits your budget; because right after the wedding, you may find yourself short of money. So, plan well for the budget.

Cruises make sure your honeymoon proves to be the most romantic trip of your life. If you are looking for more honeymoon planning tips, stay tuned with us.


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