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The Righteous Rule of Meenakari Necklace

Jun 27, 2018

Rani-mode on!

Jewelry is a fascinating accessory. You just want to load yourself in it every time you see a beautiful necklace with neat details. The gems that adorn it attract us with all their enchanting power and our self-power fails, making us spend as much money as it demands. Meenakari necklaces fall under the same enchanting category. Exquisite, delicate work of art than blends tradition and intricacy to create a beautiful masterpiece for the brides to flaunt at their wedding. This dazzling piece of jewelry originates from Iran which was later passed on by Mongols to Rajasthan, India where Raja Man Singh developed the art in the 16th century. With skilled workers from Lahore settling in Jaipur, the hub of Meenakari work, the craft gained popularity and started developing further. The jewelry mainly expresses a certain theme with its designs and even has two different types when it comes to the colour. ‘Panchrangi Meena’ refers to 5 colours, namely dark green, red, dark blue, pale blue and white while the other type ‘Ek Rand Khula’ means that the meenakari jewelry uses a single colour only. The best thing about meenakari is that it also helps in uplifting Kundan jewelry. Meenakari is designed on multiple metals including gold, silver, copper, and brass. Let’s go through some inspiring Meenakari necklaces to remind us of the beauty they hold:

Just look at all the delicate work and use of colours! No wonder the brides love wearing it on their wedding! Will you go for a meenakari necklace at your wedding?