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Things The Mother Of Bride Needs To Remember For Dressing Up

Jul 23, 2018
Things The Mother Of Bride Needs To Remember For Dressing Up

The idea of dressing up at their daughter’s wedding is indeed every mother’s big dream. As the mother of the bride, you aspire to pick one of a kind apparel. You intend to book the top designer, pick the best outfit, and get all the little things done. Moreover, you also want to give special attention to the embroidery, and you make sure nothing is left behind. Even if the wedding is extremely traditional, you should follow what they call a dress etiquette. Apart from making the dress selection easy, you will also be able to wear a dress that is most appropriate.

We have previously discussed how to nail your look on your daughter’s wedding. Here, we shall discuss what exactly is a wedding dress etiquette for mother of the bride? Should you follow it, or let it pass? Read on to get answers to your every question.

Inform the mother of the groom

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If you’ve chosen your dress, and finalized it, then you should inform the mother of the groom. You may also discuss your dress ideas beforehand. The logic behind is to complement one another. You may start from the color, and then come straight to the fabric, kind of work, and designer.

Don’t go all black

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The main dress etiquette is to skip black for your daughter’s wedding. This is not because an event as big as this one should be full of colors, but it is suggested not to wear black unless the wedding is quite formal. Therefore, if same is the case with you, then it is suggested let go of black for just this time.

Should you color ‘clash’ with the bridesmaids?

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Keeping a distinctive color is necessary or not, it is up to you to decide. However, a color clash might not be the most ideal thing to do. Now, if the bridesmaid has chosen one color, what you can do is pick a contrasting color. This way, you’ll stand out as mother of the bride. Even if you don’t do that, it is totally fine. But it is recommended to go by the book this time!

Consider formality of the wedding

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You should always go with your style, and out your preferences first. However, it is also important to consider the formality of the wedding. This means, you should put a little restriction in the way you aspire to dress. Even for a closer to home wedding, it is suggested to follow the protocol if there is any.  Lastly, you should not select any dress that will considered informal in anyway.

What about hairdos and jewelry?

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It was never a rule to wear pearls at your daughter’s wedding. But it does look sophisticated and elegant, right? If those lovely pearls aren’t your thing, then you can choose the jewelry that completes your look instead of overwhelming it. For a multi-chrome dress, it is suggested to pick the most prominent color for jewelry.

At your daughter’s wedding, you will get all kinds of dress related recommendations. However, if you know all the etiquettes yourself, your job will become much easier. Whether you follow it or not, it is entirely up to you. That said, we wish you good luck!


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