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This Antique Jewelry From Balochistan Will Make You Want To Get One For You!

May 18, 2018

The land of marvel.

Pakistan is a land of pure and full of natural resources. One piece of land belonging to Pakistan is Balochistan which is rich in natural resources and immense landscape beauty. One of the very famous thing about Balochistan is its antique jewelry and gemstones that tourists love to purchase on the visit there. The owners also travel to different parts of the country to showcase their pieces and sell them off to interested buyers. This antique jewelry with its bold size and heavy metal is popular among the tourists and rightly so because of the aura it provides to the wearer. It’s time we revive the Balochi culture and incorporate the jewelry in our bridal finery. We think the jewelry would be a good theme accessory at bridal shower and even mehndi ceremony. Let’s have a look:

From bracelets, to necklaces and earrings, every piece has an aura of its own that attracts anyone from afar. How many of you love to wear antique jewelry? Let us know in the comments below!