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Tips On Creating Destination Wedding Guests List

Aug 01, 2018
Tips On Creating Destination Wedding Guests List

Drafting a guest list for your wedding is probably among the most demanding phases of the planning process. The pressure of calling all the main relatives and the fright of leaving one distant yet important aunt behind might be too overwhelming for some couples. If you are having a destination wedding, the situation gets even more sensitive. Since a destination wedding is a far from home, close-knit affair for most people, they would like to invite and include only those relatives and friends who are incredibly close to them. Before you burden yourself with the worry of creating a flawless destination wedding guest list, follow the tips below to ease up the process.

1. Be Realistic About The Number Of Guests

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Being realistic about the number of guests will save you from a lot of last-minute trouble. Every guest you take means adding on to the number of favors, food, rentals and so on. Settling on a number larger than what your destination wedding venue or budget can hold, is going to give you mini heart attacks every time a guest checks into the venue. We advise you to strictly stick to the budget and calculate precisely how much you will save or spend on cutting or adding on the guests.

2. Consider Making A and B-Lists

Making A-list and B-list would require a lot of work and thinking but it will really help you carve out a realistic picture of what your guest list will look like. The first list will be of the people that have to be invited, no matter what. Your family and close relatives will be on this list. While the second list will be of the people that you would like to be at your wedding but subject to your budget and capacity. After confirmations are made by the guests on the first list, start sending out invitations to the people on the second list.

3. Make Some Trimming Rules

To avoid any stress about deciding your wedding guest list, set some rules and follow them. Such rules will help you make a clear decision about whom you should or shouldn’t invite.

-If you have not spoken or closer to your grade 6th classmates, you don’t need to invite them.

– Not all of your Facebook friends are not your close friends.

-You don’t need to invite someone just because they have invited you.

You can make as many rules as you like. By doing so, the decision-making process will become easy.

4. Avoid Last Minute Add Ons

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Once you are done with your guest list, stick to it. Don’t add people at the last moment because it will create a burden on your wedding budget as well. There will be a chance that you are not sure about the few people whether you should invite them or not; such decisions should be based on your wedding budget. The destination wedding is always expensive so it is good to cut back few guests if they are not very close to you.

5. Consider A Small ‘Back Home Reception’ For Those Who Missed

You can also arrange a back home reception for those guests who are unable to attend your destination wedding. Invite those people whom you didn’t invite before because of the budget constraints. By doing so, you can keep the happy vibes alive for your guest who wasn’t able to attend your celebrations.

These tips will help you create a perfect destination wedding guest list without putting too much pressure on your wedding budget.


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