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Victoria Beckham And Her 14 Engagement Rings

Jul 19, 2018

Celebrating Love and Diamonds.

The hot shot couple, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, are true couple goals with their perfect family and their distance from scandals. The football star ruled the hearts of many during his career while Victoria spiced her audience up with her music. The heavens got together to pair up these two gorgeous people and we now get to see 14 engagement rings gifted to Victoria by her very caring husband on their anniversaries. That’s a benchmark set for all the husbands out there! While girls long for that one engagement ring, Mrs. Beckham here can say she has enjoyed fourteen in her lifetime till yet and who knows how many more to come! Let’s have a look at all of her rings and heavily drool over them!


All of us right now are wishing for a husband as rich and as caring as David Beckham! We know the feels!