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Weddings Around the World: Desert Wedding Inspiration from These Real Weddings

Jul 07, 2018

Taylor and Chloe gave some desert wedding

Destination weddings are the most exciting trend in weddings in the recent years, and the reason is there are plenty of options that you can make your wedding super exciting and as much unique as you can. You have countless options to make your wedding venue different and worth remembering. Besides high temperature, the desert is proving to be a hot spot for wedding venues; especially for those couples who want to make their weddings memorable and unique. Although a desert does not seem to be the most romantic place to say, Qabool Hai, there is something different and an undeniably charming about the deserts- endless sky, cactus scenery, and colored mountains with the brown sand as a backdrop. Another wonderful fact about the desert inspiration for your wedding is that even if you are without a beautiful desert, you can find hundreds of ways to infuse this theme in your wedding venue, such as the color palette, the seating arrangement- Moroccan seating arrangement is the biggest inspiration, leather rugs, etc. The most prominent element in desert wedding inspiration is the décor; cactus can be definitely used as main décor element like centerpieces or as decorating the aisle. Following are a few of our favorite inspirations, we are sure you will find these ideas alluring and worth selecting for your wedding too!

You can definitely take inspiration from the desert of Taylor and Chloe and can incorporate different elements into your wedding according to the venue and scenery. For more inspiration, keep visiting